Mullins First Baptist Church
Saturday, July 21, 2018
Living Life Together ...... in Christ!

Heritage Room

The Mullins First Baptist Church's Heritage Room, a project initiated by Mrs. Doris Dunn in 1980, contains the printed, pictorial, and property collections which tell the story of the church from 1880 to the present.

On the Heritage Room walls are portraits of Charter members, former pastors, the original church charter, and framed photographs of local missionaries who attained state and national recognition. Curios and glass cases display early treasures and relics, including a three-piece silver communion set given to the church in 1889, a homemade clay jar used to store communion wine, Biblical needlepoint creations by local members, and a 200-page Secretary's Book dating to 1880 that lists male members on page one and female and children on page two.  The perfect penmanship of the lyrical hand script in faded ink makes this ledger a work of art. 

The Heritage Room memorabilia collection continues to grow as members of the church family delve into family trunks and chests to find heirlooms to donate or loan.  Many of the room's furnishings are gifts in memory of loved ones.  John W. Fowler, present curator of the Heritage Room,is grateful to Mrs. Dunn who knew that treasures from the past are best enjoyed when mutually shared.  This fact has energized others to donate time, effort, and memorabilia which describes the church history with more accuracy, depth, and interest.  Such dedication may help future generations appreciate the journey which led to their special place of worship. 

From the first curator to the present one, the Heritage Room has reached the distinction of being one of only a few congregations in South Carolina to have a special room dedicated to preserving its history.  Other curators who have served are Charles Hodges, Bartlene McMillan, and Doris R. Fowler.

Established in 1880
Mullins First Baptist, a member of the Marion Association of the Southern Baptist Convention, was established on March 7, 1880, by a group coming from Gapway Baptist Church.   The first pastor called was the Rev.Thomas P. Lide. The first building, built by church members, was located on the corner of Marion and Smith Streets on land donated by Dr. C.T. Ford.  The second sanctuary was located on Main Street and completed in 1908.  A two-story Sunday School building was added in 1928-29.  Plans for a new sancturary were presented in 1959 and the dedication was held in 1961 with 1,140 attending to hear eminent Baptist leader, Dr. R. G. Lee.  In 1969, plans were begun to erect an educational building which was completed the following year.  A centinnieal celebration was held in 1980 to mark the church's 100th birthday.  The church completed its third and final phase of a building program in the fall of 1987 when additional Sunday School facilities and the Chapel were added adjacent to the sanctuary.