Mullins First Baptist Church
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Living Life Together ...... in Christ!

First Baptist offers two unique Sunday School classes for young adults. 

The first is the College and Career class which is geared to Bible study and the challenges young adults face in life.  Young Adults today are confronted with so many more problems than years ago, however the root of these problems are essentially the same.  The Bible helps all of us to understand how important it is to stay close in our walk with God.  All College students are encouraged to join in on the Sunday morning fellowship. 

The second class originated in 2009.  Like many churches today, there is often times a gap between the Young Adults that have finished school and are in the work world, but not yet ready to move to the adult classrooms.  They have their own challenges in life and need  fellowship that is unique from other Sunday School rooms.  This class evolved in hopes of transforming the young adult into a thriving member of the church.  This class does not go by a book or curriculum, it is based solely on what is on the hearts of the class members, which is an awesome and powerful tool for today. 

Please consider joining us as we share God’s grace, love, peace and justice: if you are a young adult looking for church fellowship, we hope you just found it.  We look forward to seeing you at church this week finding a new you.