Mullins First Baptist Church
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Living Life Together ...... in Christ!
Who Are Royal Ambassadors?
A Royal Ambassador (RA) is a boy in grades 1-6 committed to living out the RA Pledge. This Pledge is part of personal and chapter (group of RAs) accountability.

What is the Royal Ambassador Organization?
Royal Ambassadors (RAs) is a Bible-centered, church-based, Southern Baptist mission education organization for boys in grades 1-6.

(World Walk for North American and International Missions)
As Royal Ambassadors participate in a World Walk, they are doing more than just walking to raise money for missions. They are learning how these funds will be used and how important every cent can be when helping to minister to people in all areas of the globe. But first, what is a World Walk? People pledge to pay a specific amount for every lap, mile, and so on that  Royal Ambassadors walk. RAs collect pledges and send the money through their local church to the North American or International Mission Boards.
Last year the R.A.'s spent the night at the Wildlife Action Camp at Fork Retch.  It made the walkways very interesting and the boys learned a lot about nature while walking.  Come be a part of R.A.'s this year and learn while having fun.
R.A. Pledge Time
The R. A.'s starts out the evening with the R.A. Pledge.  After the pledge, they split in two lines according to the Lad's ( grades 1-3)  and Crusader (grades 4-6), and each say an individual prayer for all the wonderful things God has done for them in their life.  After prayer time, the two groups separate, the Lad's in one group and the Crusaders in another.  At this time we read from magazines provided and learn about missionaries that dedicate their lives to spreading the word of God.  Come join the fun in learning each Wednesday night.